Top 5 reasons to visit Trebinje in the Serb Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

     This town, located in the southernmost part of the Republika Srpska (Serb Republic) in Bosnia & Herzegovina and not far from the Croatian border, has an irresistible charm. Just imagine beautiful temples, towering high in the hills, and below - the old town with beautiful bridges, shady plane trees, and ramparts. It’s a place where you feel calm and cozy. If you want to discover the most beautiful places in the Balkans, you really have to visit this wonderful town on the way from Dubrovnik to Mostar. Here are the top 5 reasons to stop in Trebinje for some time. Just travel! 


1. Ortodox culture

      Trebinje is famous for its magnificent churches and monasteries. As a Serbian town in Bosnia and Herzegovina Trebinje represents a lot of significant objects of Orthodox culture. One of the most important Serbian monasteries is Tvrdos. It was built in the IV-V centuries on the right bank of the Trebisnjica river about 5 km from Trebinje. Although Tvrdos has been destroyed a lot of times, it still has a fantastic atmosphere, gorgeous 16th-century frescoes, and beautiful icons. Nowadays the monks continue the tradition of winemaking. Herzegovinian wines are famous for a long time in the Balkans, and the monks of Tvrdoš make red, white wine and brandy. All of these drinks can be purchased at a local grocery store. 

      When you enter Trebinje you will immediately notice the church called the Hercegovacka (Herzegovina) Gracanica. It is located on the high Crkvina Hill and literally hovers over the town. 

      The church was built in the late XXth century. It is a miniature replica of the temple of Gracanica in Kosovo. They built it in accordance with the last will of the great Serbian poet Jovan Ducic

      The town of Trebinje has inherited his art collection. The poet died in 1943 in the US, and in 2000 he was reburied in the newly built church in Trebinje. Besides the church, you can see there a high bell tower, a fountain, an Icon Art Gallery on Crkvina Hill. 

     There are also many flowers and a cute donkey!

       The Orthodox Church of St Transfiguration in the center of Trebinje dates from the beginning of 20th century. You will really enjoy icons there made by Montenegrin painter Marco Gregovic.

2. Old town

       The Old town is also worth your visit. This old town is not very old. It was founded in the 18th century during the Turkish rule along a bank of Trebisnjica river. 

       This Ottoman style old town serves as a trading & craft center now. It’s a real pleasure to explore the labyrinth of narrow streets, to eat local food or to buy some local souvenirs.  

3. Bridges

        In the Middle Ages Trebinje was called “a little Venice” because of its lovely wooden bridges. Now you can count only three stone bridges there. 

       One of these bridges is the most important historical monument in Trebinje. The Arslanagic Bridge was constructed in 1574 by the order of Mehmed Pasha Sokolović.  

        There is a version that the Turkish Grand Vizier has dedicated it to the memory of his son who was killed in the battle against the Venetians.

Lavender and wine

      Trebinje is known in Bosnia & Herzegovina as a town of lavender and wine. Thickets of lavender are visible from Crkvina hill and local shops are full of lavender soap, lavender perfume, and lavender tea.

       As for wine, you will have a lot of opportunities to taste it in local cafés and restaurants. 

      On the upper terrace of the restaurant Vinska Galerija, which is owned by winemakers from Vukoje Winery, you can not only taste the best wines of their collection, but also enjoy brilliant views of the surrounding area.

5. Peace and quiet 

        Peace and quiet – it’s what you also can enjoy in Trebinje. There is no fuss, no hurry. 

        That’s why the Hollywood star Monica Belucci after the shooting of the movie “Along the Milky Way” in Trebinje last year has said that she would like to buy some land and build a house in this fascinating town. 

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