How to communicate with wild birds? Just come to Costa Navarino!

     Costa Navarino is not only a beautiful and eco-friendly luxury resort in Messinia (Greece) but also a place where you can get close up with fantastic wild birds!

       Visitors from different countries have a chance to meet 4 wild birds there at the Messinia Wild Experience. All birds named after some Greek Gods and Goddesses! 

       Each of them is very friendly to the most of the visitors but not so friendly to other birds. That is why their raptor handlers can let each of them fly free only when the others are away. 

      I am happy to show you my video which I have shot in the Wild Experience center while my friends Masha and Katia were interacting with these nice birds. The girls have got a lot of great emotions! 

      I hope you will get this fantastic opportunity some time too!

How to get to Costa Navarino?

        Costa Navarino resorts are accessible only by car from the airport of Athens (about 3 hours to drive) or from the International airport of Kalamata (about 50 minutes to drive). You can also order transfer at Costa Navarino.