28 photo’s that will inspire you to visit Slovenia

        This summer I have visited Slovenia for the first time. I have visited already more than 50 countries but Slovenia wasn’t just a new country on my list. It became a real discovery! Even a lot of new discoveries!


        Some of the most interesting discoveries you will see on my pictures. I hope they will inspire you to visit this beautiful country too! Slovenia is a European country situated on the coast of the Adriatic Sea between Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and Italy.


         My first lovely discovery was its capital – Ljubljana.

        Ljubljana is fascinating by its history, which includes 4000 years, by the Ljubljanica River with gorgeous bridges, by Ljubljana Castle, hanging above the city for about 900 years, by a lot of buildings of the Baroque and Art Nouveau periods.

        I have joined a Free Walking tour and I have heard many interesting facts and legends from a local guide, Anna. These Free Walking tours start in Ljubljana every day at 11 a.m and 3 p.m. I recommend you to join such tour too! 

2. Piran.

.        Piran is a charming town at the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

          It will remind you Venice by its architecture and its atmosphere. From 1273 till 1797 the town was a part of the Venetian Republic and has absorbed the spirit of Venice in that time and this spirit is still there. 

          The monument of composer Giuseppe Tartini in the center of the town, an impressive building of the town-hall with a Venetian lion on its faсade, many medieval narrow streets that will lead you to the St. George Church with a clock tower that looks like the clock tower of the San Marco cathedral in Venice… All this beauty can't leave anybody indifferent!

3.Lake Bled

         It’s a real fairy tale with fantastic clear water, a fairy Bled castle on a high rock and the adorable Church of the Assumption on a small Bled island

          You can visit all of these attractions and experience great feelings. I bet it!

4.Predjama Castle 

         Predjama Castle is one of the most magnificent and mysterious castles in the world. There is a very famous Slovene cave under this castle.

          The castle is situated on a cliff of 123 meters high and it was first mentioned in 1274. The castle itself is also high, you need to climb numerous ladders in order to discover all of its secrets, but it’s worth your efforts!