ChatGPT planned travel itinerary riddled with errors, expert says

ChatGPT Planned Travel Itinerary Riddled with Errors, Expert Says

A planned travel itinerary for ChatGPT, a language model trained by OpenAI, has come under scrutiny after an expert pointed out several errors in the proposed schedule. The itinerary, which was leaked to the media, outlined a trip to several countries around the world, but according to the expert, it was fraught with inaccuracies and logistical errors.

The Itinerary

The leaked itinerary shows ChatGPT traveling to several countries, including Japan, France, and Brazil. The trip is scheduled to take place over the course of several weeks, with ChatGPT spending several days in each location. The itinerary includes details such as flight numbers, hotel reservations, and planned activities.

The Errors

However, upon closer inspection, the itinerary was found to be riddled with errors. The flight numbers listed did not match the airlines’ actual flight schedules, and some of the hotel reservations could not be confirmed. In addition, several of the planned activities were not available during the dates listed in the itinerary.

An expert in travel planning, who wished to remain anonymous, commented that the errors were indicative of poor planning and lack of attention to detail. “It’s clear that whoever put this itinerary together did not do their homework,” the expert said. “The inaccuracies and errors are basic mistakes that should have been caught in the planning stage.”


The leaked itinerary has raised concerns about the reliability of ChatGPT’s travel planning capabilities. As a language model that is widely used for various applications, including travel planning, ChatGPT’s credibility could be damaged if it is found to be unreliable in this area.

Furthermore, the errors in the itinerary could also have real-world consequences for anyone who relies on ChatGPT’s travel planning recommendations. If a traveler were to follow the proposed itinerary and encounter the same errors, it could result in missed flights, lost reservations, and other travel-related complications.


In conclusion, the leaked travel itinerary for ChatGPT has been found to contain several errors and inaccuracies, raising concerns about the model’s reliability in travel planning. The errors are basic mistakes that could have been avoided with more attention to detail and careful planning. It remains to be seen how this will affect ChatGPT’s reputation as a reliable language model for travel planning and other applications.

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