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Canceled Trip: How to Recover Miles

Canceled Trip: How to Recover Miles

Travel plans can be disrupted by unforeseen circumstances, such as a global pandemic or personal emergencies. If you had to cancel a trip, one of the things you might be concerned about is how to recover your miles. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

Check the airline’s policy

Every airline has a different policy on how they handle canceled flights and the miles associated with them. Before you do anything else, check the airline’s website or contact their customer service to find out what their policy is. Some airlines might automatically refund the miles associated with a canceled flight, while others might require you to take additional steps to get your miles back.

Request a refund

If the airline’s policy states that you are entitled to a refund, follow their instructions to request one. This might involve filling out an online form or contacting their customer service department directly. Keep in mind that refunds can take some time to process, so be patient.

Use the miles for a future trip

If you don’t want a refund, you can use the miles you earned for a future trip. Most airlines allow you to use miles for flights, hotel stays, car rentals, and other travel-related expenses. Check the airline’s website or contact their customer service to find out how to use your miles for a future trip.

Consider transferring your miles

Some airlines allow you to transfer your miles to another person, even if they are not a member of the airline’s frequent flyer program. This can be a good option if you are not planning to use the miles yourself. Keep in mind that there might be a fee associated with transferring miles, and some airlines might not allow it at all.

Don’t let your miles expire

Many frequent flyer programs have an expiration date for miles. If you don’t use your miles or earn more miles within a certain period, your miles might expire. Make sure to keep track of your miles and their expiration dates so that you don’t lose them. If you’re not sure when your miles expire, check the airline’s website or contact their customer service to find out.


Canceling a trip can be stressful, but recovering your miles doesn’t have to be. By following the tips above, you can recover your miles and use them for a future trip or transfer them to someone else. Just remember to check the airline’s policy, request a refund if necessary, and don’t let your miles expire. Happy travels!

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